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Dharma Talk & Shikan Meditation

Shikan (Meditation) services are held on Thursday evenings from 6 pm. A Dharma talk and discussion is held in the main room.  Then a shikan (meditation) service is held in the Hondo (Main Hall), that includes two periods of meditation and a short period of chanting. Our liturgy can be downloaded here.  All weekly services are open to the public.


All weekly services are open to the public. The Gongyo is a more formal daily service we open to the public each Saturday at 10am. We use standard Tendai liturgy which can be downloaded here. The central focus is sutra chanting, usually the Heart Sutra.

Other Services

  • Pastoral and spiritual counseling
  • Baby welcoming, naming and blessing
  • Rites of passage
  • House blessings
  • Help with home altars
  • Anniversary and renewal of vows
  • Healing ceremonies
  • Hospital, hospice, and rest home visits
  • Funerals and memorial services
  • Offerings, prayers, and chanting on behalf of others.
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