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Tendai-shu is a Japanese Buddhist tradition with its origins in the Chinese Tiantai Buddhist tradition (~6th century C.E.). It was brought to Japan in the 9th century of the Common Era by Saicho. It has flourished in Japan for 1100 years. Now, Tendai-shu has been transmitted to the United States and is available to those who are interested in a Universalist form of Buddhism.

This workshop will introduce you to the history and basic tenets of Tendai Buddhism. We will also introduce participants to the wide variety of Buddhist practices available within Tendai, including:

  • Developing your own daily practice
  • Shikan meditation (shamathavipashyana
  • Recitation of sutras, dharanis, and mantras
  • Sacred calligraphy
  • Interfaith work
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Sutra study
  • Mandala visualizations
  • Walking and hiking meditations
  • Pure Land practices and devotion

Tickets for this event may be obtained on our Eventbrite page.

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