California Tendai Mahayana Lineage of Monks

GUIDANCE, PRACTICES, AND TEACHINGS LEADING TO ENLIGHTENMENT. We invite you to consider a life of Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism in the California Tendai Monastery, and we are at your service.

In Japan the Tendai Sect goes back 1200 years, while here in America we are now pioneering a site chosen for its proximity to a mountain where the ascetic walking meditation (kaihogyo) can be practiced, where a special temple could be built specifically for fire offering (goma), where waterfall purification is possible, and where meditation can be done in seclusion.

Both in this website and in the earlier websites linked below there is a wealth of information. We encourage your contact and welcome you to stay with us for a while to see if the Buddhist practice at California Tendai Monastery is what you are seeking.

Please explore the site, ask any questions, and plan your visit. We hope your experience here will be a key step in your bodhisattva path.

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Dharma Klatch
The temple is East-facing and laid out just like the Womb-World Mandala, the mind which generates the Buddha. The entrance path (seen here) comes from the North-west, which is the direction assigned to Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva, "The One Who Sees The Cries Of The World." In the 25th Chapter of the Lotus Sutra, which is devoted to this bodhisattva, it is taught that a person who is able to constantly and reverently keep Avalokiteshvara in mind will become free from the faults of greed-anger-and-ignorance.
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